Posted by Terri R Deike on Nov 09, 2021
The following are dates we will not meet due to holiday weeks or flag duty weeks for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.  
July 6, 2021                Independence Day  -  (Flag Holiday)
September 7, 2021      Labor Day  -  (Flag Holiday)
November 9, 2021      Veteran's Day  -  (Flag Day Holiday)) 
December 28, 2021    Christmas Holiday  -  (Week of Christmas)
February 22, 2022       President's Day  -  (Flag Holiday)
May 31, 2022              Memorial Day  -  (Flag Holiday)
June 14, 2022              Flag Day  -  (Flag Holiday)
The Rotary Club of Longview designates six dates during the Rotary calendar year when meetings are not held.  These dates correspond with the week of federal holidays and usually entails displaying flags, the club's largest fundraiser, during the holiday.