Buenos dias! I had the privilege of going to Costa Rica with a group of students from Trinity School of Texas for almost three weeks as they attended a Spanish language immersion program. During my stay, I attended five Rotary meetings, which I will list below and attach pictures of my Flag Exchanges with each club and pictures of the flags and some of the new friends I made ...

A little apprehensive about walking into these meetings, in a totally different country, knowing no one, nor if anyone could speak English, I was warmly welcomed as a special guest from Texas at each one! I was so honored that they were interested in our club and I was able to share about our Flag Program/Fundraiser and  what our monies raised go towards. As well as told them of our Other Longview Club with of course...none other than a Texas Rodeo! They loved both fundraisers, but were especially fond of our Patriotism of our Country's Flag Program.
I have to admit I was quite proud to be able to share this with them. I felt as though I had immediate friends and how wonderful it was to actually experience "Rotary International." I have new contacts and new Rotary Friends which just enhanced my experience in Costa Rica 10 times!
The clubs I visited and the times they meet:
1. San Jose -North Costa Rica -8pm.
2. San Pedro, Costa Rica -8pm.
3. Moravia, Costa Rica -8 pm
4. San Pedro, Costa Rica.... Social MTG.8pm. In a members home.
5. San Jose-Downtown, Costa Rica -12 noon.
I promised these groups I would send them our Flag when I arrived back home and I will send each one the  picture of myself presenting Justin/our club with their flag!
Some of their projects included water purification updating systems locally in underserved areas in Costa Rica... A project called Aqua Duct Project. At the San Pedro MTG., an Ambassador for the United Nations for Peace was their guest speaker! (Eduardo Ulibarri)  Another project that two clubs participated in was called "Mobility, Happiness, and Freedom" which was a wheelchair assistance program that provided mobility to all ages! I loved that!  The San Jose Downtown group was raising funds to build a therapeutic pool facility for people in need of water therapy. A second phase of this (if I understood correctly!) Was to also have dog/animal therapy addition as well. The blue prints looked amazing. I inquired about how they were going to fund this huge project and they said it would be through individual and business corporate sponsorships as well as seeking out grant funding. It was very interesting and I was quite impressed!
I hope to keep in touch with my new friends and return again one day!
Thanks for taking the time to read and share in my Rotary experience as it "grew me outside my comfort zone and opened my eyes just a little bit more to what being a part of Rotary really means."
Cindi-Marie Lewis, Rotary Club of Longview