Our 75-year club history book was published in 1995. We printed 1,000 copies and began selling one to each member, but the stock ran out several years ago. We hope to issue an updated version in the centennial year of 2020, and are considering an interim second printing of the original book in the meantime.


Though we recently posted a PDF of each section of the book here on the club's website, there is still some demand from those who would like a printed and bound copy of the book. If you know any former members who kept their books, tell them they can donate them back to the Endowment Fund as a tax-deductible gift valued at the elevated price of an out-of-print item. Ask Gene McWhorter for details.

In the meantime, you can download the book or any portion of it from this website. Visit the downloads section.

This download version is better than the original in a number of ways: You can read the book on your computer or tablet, and author Gene McWhorter has corrected a number of errors and omissions. You can search for words and phrases in your Adobe PDF reader. And you can print as many hard copies as you want, with good resolution, and send the PDFs to others either as hard copy or via email.