Welcome to the Rotary Club of Longview, Texas website. Our club is the oldest service club in Longview, but we are 89 years "young!" Having just received the Highest Performing Rotary Club Award in District 5830, we are justifiably proud of what we have going on. Your attendance, presence and membership are highly desired; and you will be assured of an outstanding "return" on your investment in time and energy.
So what are we involved in, that would justify your time and energies? How about feeding hungry children in Longview? We have just come off of our inaugural year of piloting a Backpack Program in a Longview elementary school. Our members stock, sort, package, and deliver healthy snacks and nutritious foods for children for weekends, because there often may not be food in their houses. Because of this program, the children came to school ready to learn and able to concentrate, boosting their results and behavior in ways that were measurable. Longview Independent School District officials and our Club's Leadership are currently developing plans to expand this program, this year, to ALL LISD campuses, touching the lives of possibly 1000 or more children every week! What about helping in children in Guatemala to be parasite-free? We're working to be there; spearheading a Rotary District-wide initiative that we hope will touch the lives of over 1.5 million children there, in early 2010. What about promoting patriotism? Each national holiday, we place over 1200 flags across Longview, transforming our city into a place that brightly displays our pride in our Nation. What about Literacy, Boy Scouting, honoring teachers, promoting high achieving students, championing youth leadership development, providing dictionaries for 3rd graders, sorting food at Thanksgiving for 1000+ families in need in Longview, helping Longview's Christmas celebrations, and promoting international understanding through student and adult cultural and educational exchanges? We're THERE! Are we busy? You bet! Are we growing, yes we are! Are we gender, ethnicity, and age diverseā€¦.absolutely! Can we get better? Yes, through your joining our outstanding organization. Lastly, do we have FUN? ABSOLUTELY, with great meetings, programs, social events, connection to the community! Come check us out! See what you can grow with us to be: as we promote truth, fairness, building good will, and helping others through our collective BEST efforts!

Carroll Greenwaldt 2009-10 President The Rotary Club of Longview