District Governor Carroll Greenwaldt talked up the service taking place in District 5830 and across Rotary in a story featured this weekend in the Longview News-Journal.


The story begins:

Carroll Greenwaldt has been involved in Rotary for 25 years, but it wasn’t until he took on the role of district governor for East Texas that he fully comprehended the scope and magnitude of the organization’s programs.

Greenwaldt said that while he has seen the impact of Longview Rotary through efforts such as providing medicines to children in Guatemala and organizing a backpack lunch program in 2008 that continues feeding more than 350 Longview ISD children each weekend, he did not anticipate the amount of service being done throughout the district.

“I look at this district governor job as just being a facilitator and a big cheerleader, helping clubs to do more in their communities and then helping to do some of these global things that really matter,” the Longview resident said.

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